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With every sale, you unlock not just commissions but opportunities for individuals seeking to build their American Dream. Your effort has ripple effects, making dreams more tangible and successes more attainable for others.

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    Curious about anything before trusting us with your communication needs? Dive into our FAQ section, where you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions by our valued customers.
    Rivertel goes beyond mere connectivity; it’s about enriching and streamlining your life at every turn. Our services are crafted to alleviate your concerns, ensuring that with every call, text, or data usage, you’re not only connected but also supported and empowered. Interested in how we are envisioning a better tomorrow for the telecom industry? Head over to our About Us page!.
    Rivertel is a pioneering telecom startup with a strong social commitment. It serves as more than just a telecom service provider; it functions as a dedicated support system for immigrants, catering to their unique needs in a new environment. In addition to offering essential telecom services like unlimited talk, text, and data at competitive rates, Rivertel goes the extra mile by providing immigrant acclimation services. These services include aiding new residents in navigating existing resources, offering legal assistance, mental health counseling, and job support in the United States. Through partnerships with non-profits, institutions, and government resources, Rivertel serves as a centralized information hub, connecting immigrants to a wide range of services, often at no cost. Rivertel strives to be more than just a telecom provider; it aims to drive positive change and facilitate seamless integration into American society for every immigrant.

 Find out more about our packages and the features we provide on our Plans page!.
    All Rivertel Plans come with unlimited talk and text, and international calling to 180+ countries. To learn all about international calls and the 180+ destinations you can call to as part of your plan, go to International Calling and Roaming.
    We operate on the nation’s largest 5G network, providing extensive coverage. So, we’ve most likely got you covered. However, you can check our coverage map just to be sure!

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